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 Fermier(フェルミエ)とはフランス語で「農家」という意味。またフランス語で農家民宿を「auberge de paysanne」と言うところから、私共の農家民宿の名前は由来しています。一般に「オーベルジュ」とは宿付きのレストランを指します。私共の農家民宿に農家レストランが併設されることも、未来の設計図に入れてあります。



In French, the word ‘fermier’ means ‘farmer’ and a farm inn is 'auberge de paysanne'. The name of our farm inn comes from this.‘Auberge’ means ‘inn’ or ‘hostel’ with a restaurant attached. A farm restaurant is in our dream to make come true in the future.


Auberge Fujii Fermier is located in a small village close to the Echizen seashore in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. You can relax and enjoy the distinct pleasures of each of the four seasons here. If you listen closely, you will hear the birds singing and feel the faint breeze blowing over you. Surely, you will feel physically and mentally rejuvenated in the tranquility of the Fukui countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

In Fukui, we are proud of our natural mountain and sea environment and the many different delicious foods it produces. Auberge Fujii Fermier cordially serves our guests French dishes for dinner and the traditional Japanese farmhouse dishes  for breakfast prepared with fresh local Fukui products and fish.


In addition to the soothing atmosphere, beautiful nature, and delicious foods, at Auberge Fujii Fermier our guests can enjoy a variety of seasonal farming and fishing experiences.

 At Auberge Fujii Fermier, traditional Japanese farmers' dishes are cooked with French fusion cuisine to serve for dinner and breakfast using as many  Fukui local vegetables and fish as possible.
 Also,you can reserve lunch. Please contact us.


2-17 Nishibata-cho,Fukui,Japan

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朝食 Breakfast

朝食は、福井産の野菜、魚をふんだんに使った伝統的な和食です。  米はオーベルジュの村の田で栽培されたものです。村の田に引き入れられる水は裏山からの湧水で、その水源周囲には人家が無いため、きれいで美味しい水が米の味わいを一層磨いてくれます。  オーベルジュフジイフェルミエでは、調理に化学調味料を使っておりません。鰹節、昆布で出汁を取っています。また、砂糖の代わりに本みりんを、精製塩ではなく、昔ながらの伝統製法による日本産の塩を使っています。  味噌は自家製です。梅干しも自家農園での有機栽培から手作りしています。